[STREET STYLE] How To Rock The Winter Look

Let’s take a look at Winter 2015’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends. When it comes to the fashion week, designers might be showing off the latest looks on the runways, but there are plenty of notable fashion moments happening on the streets. And what a great idea to be inspire by those looks.

Here’s our advice to rock your next winter fashion. 

1. Do NOT be scared to wear extra size coat !

Makes you look royal and sexy. Plus fur coat is always a big yes that is just insanely HOT on men.

2. Less is more; colorful knits

Knit sweaters look cozy when thrown over a black coat and worn with jeans and a pair of ankle booties. 

3. Add a rocker accent

With shades to suit every skin tone, green’s worth putting at the core of your cold-weather looks. 

4. Leather will be your best friend 

Leather is one of our go-to fall fashion trends if you want to look fierce in the cold. Don't forget to accentuate your waist with a fun skinny waist-belt.

5. Why not go for a colored jacket? A pop of color will protect you from the cold weather blues and add some style to your basic black outfits. 



6. Trade your coat for a poncho/cape and accessorize with fringe 

Fringe is one of the hottest fall trends of the season, it will add a touch of autumn edge to any outfit

 7. Colour theory 

why not stand out with an unexpected outerwear colour?

8. More monocrome 

The monocrome look is the easiest way to look like you keep up with cool kids without any real effort at all. 

9. The lace combo

Pretty neutrals in a lace dress, light grey coat, and nude ankle high heel.

10. Keep it casual 

The key thing to remember with any single colour outfit is to vary the tones and textures.

11. Wide Legs and Graphic Knitwear

Wearing a tailored, cropped jacket with your new wide pants will balance out their dramatic billow, creating a clean silhouette that can actually make your waist look slimmer.

12. The scarf and sunglasses in winter combo

No, they’re not just a summer item. No, they don’t look silly on a cold day. If your outfit seems a little lacklustre, the easiest way to add interest is with a chunky scarf.

13. Finally, don't forget to be yourself !

Don't try to appeal to everyone. Clothes work when they’re harmonious with the person. You have to laught and enjoy fashion !

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