[FASHION] Have a Closer Look at Krystal’s Closet and Beauty

Let us introduce you one of the most stylish woman in K-pop, f(x)’s Krystal who is known as the best fashion idol. We’ve compiled her best look, from her airport fashion to the stage outfits with some tips on how you can rock the chill but chic look too! 


1. Let’s start with the accessories;


You can literaly make everything look cool with sunglasses. 

Do not hesitate to add a little mystery to your look with a face mask.

2. For the outfits there are some rules to follow…



Oversized everything; coat, shirt, tees, jacket…

Less is more; simple but hot outifts with natural colour (black & white always win)!

3. Last but not least, and no less important, her makeup and hairstyle.

                      For her makeup, eyeliner and nude/red lipstick are more than enough!


Fresh and natural but lovely.

For your hairstyle, the colour doesn’t matter, Krystal herself dyed her hair red and blond… 


Long loose and straight hair that makes you look royal (with or without a bang). 

BONUS: Do not forget to work out because we need to catch up with this body…..

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