[INTERVIEW] VIXX talks about meeting international fans and their future

[INTERVIEW] VIXX talks about meeting international fans and their future

On September 18th, Korean 6-member boy group VIXX touched down in Paris for their European tour. Pop Box Asia was lucky enough to get a moment of their time and catch base with them on current and future events.


So, how’s the tour going ?

: Everything’s fine, we’re happy to meet our international fans. We hope starlights are enjoying it as much as we are.


How will VIXX be remembered ?

Hyuk : We want to be remembered by our stage and performance.


What brings you the greatest joy/satisfaction ?

Leo : After performing I’m not completly satisfied because I always think that I can do better. But we feel the greatest joy when we meet our starlights.


What is the best advice you’ve been given ?

Ravi : We’ve been given so much advice, thanks to that, we improved a lot, but It’s also thanks to our teamworks, being able to discuss everything and find a way to make it work. 


What is on your bucket list ?

: Hongbin already talked about it but he would like to make a special musical sung through our songs. Having a concert from the beginning to the end would feel great as well.


What is the song that describe your mood at the moment ?

Ken : It would probably be Justin Timerlake – Can’t stop the feeling ! (he sang the chorus for us, it was amazing)


What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you ?

: On stage we have a really strong aura, but off the stage we’re really nice, cute and sweet.


What projects  are you currently working on ?

Ken : Our goal is to produce 3 albums. 2 have already been released, one is missing, we’re now preparing for the final album. 


Where do you  think you will be after  25 years ?

Hyuk : we don’t know what will happen in the future, but we’d like to be just as now, doing what we love and what we think is right, to go on tour and meet our little starlights even after 25 years.

N : We‘d like to comeback in Paris and have other interviews !


What’s your biggest / weirdest fear ?

Leo : My biggest fear would be VIXX breaking up. We will do everything we can to prevent it.


Why do you usually have really dark concept ?

Ravi : We sometimes have cute and brighter concept but we think that the dark « fantasy » one suit us the best.



We ran a poll and asked you, fans, the questions you wanted VIXX to answer. These were their responses :

Did VIXX personally choose France since it’s your second time here?

: Yes, we suggested the idea to our agency, and they accepted it. We wanted to come back to greet our French starlights again.


What is your greatest achievement since your debut ?

Hongbin : It was when we first won at the Music Bank with our song Voodoo. Since it was the very first time, it really left a big impression.


What do you do when not working ?

Hyuk : When we have free time we go eat some delicious food, we play games, we watch movies, just what anyone would do actually.


If you could turn back time to a special moment to experience it once again, which moment would it be ?

Hongbin : For me it will be our first concert, I can’t forget the beginning of the concert when we were waiting to go on stage, the fan screamings and stuff.. it was one of the best feelings.


First words that come to your mind when you think of Paris ?

Hyuk : Love.


Favourite movie / tv show ?

Hyuk : Since we are in Paris, I recently watched Midnight in Paris.

We thanked VIXX and watched as they got ushered out. Leaving, we made our way into the concert venue and were blown away by their performances. It was a spectacular feat to see these 6 down to earth men we just finished talking to switch to these powerful vocalists and dancers on stage. 


Special thanks to Kpop Agency.

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