Hello everyone !

The group AlphaBAT was in France!

Here is a little resume of their coming in our capital and our special interview with the members.

AlphaBAT is a group from W Entertainment with 4 members : B:eta, E:psilon, G:amma, Kappa.

Organised by Beyond Enterprise and Katchi Events, a lot of events was organized like a special fansign and some fans got the chance to take pictures with the members.

Before the concert, the group started with a special fansign and did some pictures with their fans.

The concert started with the group singing their debut song.

This is followed by several song covers. The four members perform WINNER’s “REALLY”, with a striking choreography .The vocals and choreography went well together, and it was a total success.

They also did BEAST’s « Fiction », the song contrasted to the fun, happy-go-lucky atmosphere previously created.

They also performed their own song as ‘Get Your Luv’’ and ‘’Baby’’, and some of their first songs like ‘’Tantara’’ and ‘‘AB City’’.

The french fans, the alphas, was a perfect public and sang all the fan chants with perfection !

Then, Anyway took the scene for a court moment and perform their famous song ‘Follow you’’.

The group then sit down for a game (with presents for the winners), featuring fan that could also interact with them. This gave the concert a meet-and-greet atmosphere, with the boys even singing “Happy Birthday” to one lucky fan!



We had the pleasure to interview the group ALPHABAT as our first guest for 2018.

The boys started by introducing themselves.

Alphabet : Hello we are Alphabat !

SowonyTV : Welcome in Paris !!

We are Sowony TV : Sarah and Sophia.You are our first guest for 2018.

SowonyTV : What is your first impression of Paris and did yo have some clichés in mind before coming ?

Alphabet :  First, the buildings. The architecture here is very different from Korea.

The weather too. Now in Korea the weather is very bad, but when I came here, I could see the buildings well (the weather was nice). It was very pretty.

The architecture is very different from Korea, we feel art everywhere. c’est vraiment différent (de la Corée). Il y a vraiment beaucoup de bâtiment où l’on ressent l’art. J’aime vraiment ça.

We decided to test their knowledge with some simple question about France. They had to scream their name and raise their hands before replying to the question.

SowonyTV : What’s the name of our actual president ? 

BETA : « BETA !!!! Macron »

SowonyTV : WOW how did you know ? 

BETA : « I always had a lot of interest for France »

SowonyTV : Give us 3 french city ?

BETA : « Lyon, Nice, Paris »

SowonyTV : Give us 3 French Food ?

Kappa : « baguette, spaguetti…. ? »

SowonyTV  : spaghetti ? Come on that’s italian food 

Epsilon : « baguette, croissant and ………. ? »

SowonyTV : Let’s stop, perfect !

SowonyTV  : Do you know any French celebrity ? 

GAMMA : Luc Besson

SowonyTV  : wow we are impressed 

SowonyTV  : Last question, give us 3 french brand ?

BETA : « Prada…… »

SowonyTV  : French brand are so famous through

BETA : PASS haha next question

We will go to the next game. We’ll give two words but all of you only can choose one.  Let’s start !

SowonyTV : SEOUL or BUSAN ? 

Alphabat : SEOUL

SowonyTV : WINE vs SOJU ? 

Alphabat : WINE

SowonyTV : CHEESE vs KIMCHI ? (they started singing a song with the word kimchi in it)

Alphabat : KIMCHI


Alphabat : IRON MAN

SowonyTV : Do you have a special message for your international fan ? 

GAMMA : I hope we will enjoy this concert together and have fun.

Epsilon : Thank you for waiting so long, we are so happy to finally be here, in Europe.

Kappa : It’s our first tour but we will comeback.

BETA : please keep looking and cheering for us, we will continue to work hard so we can meet again.

Finally, we can resume that Alphabat is a group who is very close to their fans, and really talented. We didn’t knew much about the group, but we got really impressed by their talent.

They also affirmed that they want to come back to France and we hope we can see them really soon too.

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